placenta encapsulation

​The process of placenta encapsulation is safe and simple. The placenta is first washed, then either sliced raw or after steaming (depending on the method), and placed in a dehydrator for 12-15 hours. After drying, the placenta is ground and encapsulated. By having me prepare your placenta you are able to rest fully and enjoy your time together with your new baby, as well as ensure a high-quality, safe end product.

As your placenta encapsulator, I will:

  • ​Be on call for your full 'birth month'.

  • Begin the encapsulation process within 24 hours of your birth.

  • Pick up your placenta at your place of birth.

  • Preserve your placenta using your chosen method.

  • Return your placenta pills to your home, or other agreed on location, within 48 hours of collecting it.

  • Leave you with clear instructions on how to best use your placenta pills to enhance your post-partum experience.

Two Methods of Encapsulation:

The Raw Method: This method involves first washing, then slicing the placenta while fresh and raw and dehydrating it immediately. The placenta is dehydrated at 160 degrees according to USDA safety recommendations for dehydrating meat. At this temperature, bacteria are destroyed, but essential hormones and iron remain. This method is thought to yield the most balanced response as it encompasses both the emotion balancing aspects of the TCM method and energy increasing properties of the Raw Foods method.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Method: In this method, your placenta will be steamed with jalapeno, ginger and lemon before dehydrating. TCM has a long history in preserving and recognizing the placenta as vital medicine- it is thought to bring the mother's body back into balance. Steaming the placenta with herbs is integral to the TCM method because the placenta will then take on warming properties that nourish the blood, balance emotions and restore energy. This method also kills any bacteria. Additional herbs may be used in the steaming process upon request. This method usually produces the smallest number of capsules as the size of the placenta is reduced when steamed.


Dosage guidelines: The standard dosage is 2 capsules, 3 times a day for the first 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you may start to decrease the dosage down to 1 or 2 pills a day as needed.

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