I was extremely pleased with your services and will definitely contact you again when I have another baby.  You are extremely friendly, knowledgeable about your work, and efficient.  I liked how easy it was to have you pick up my placenta the day my daughter was born and then have you drop off the capsules two days later.  I also found the capsules extremely beneficial.  A lot of moms asked me if I got the "baby blues" and I honestly think I didn't because I was taking my placenta capsules.  Thank you for the wonderful experience :-)

-Melissa, Hewitt, NJ


I wanted to thank you for picking up and dropping off the placenta so quickly.
Thanks again, and as weird as it sounds, I'm looking forward to eating my placenta :)
PS: we loved what you did with the cord, it is amazing keepsake!

-S., Madison, NJ


I loved taking the placenta capsules.  Both my husband and I saw/felt a huge difference taking them from my first postpartum experience.  I was a much happier, calmer woman this time.  I even had a sex drive.  I sadly took the last capsule Tuesday July 23rd.   I took 6 capsules a day for the first 2 weeks and then gradually weened myself off.  As the intake started decreasing and now not taking them I feel a definite shift in mood, energy, and sex drive.  So they absolutely work and I would recommend placenta encapsulation to all women.  I just wish I had more and could continue taking them.  

-Erin, Branchville, NJ


I'm really enjoying my placenta pills.  I think they're really helping.  Thanks again for coming all the way out to the hospital to get the placenta and for getting the pills back to me so quickly!!

-J., Jersey City, NJ